Download Review of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology 3rd Edition PDF Free

Review of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology 3rd Edition

Table Of Contents :

  1. Medical Jurisprudence and Ethics 
  2. Acts Related to Medical Practice
  3. Legal Procedure 
  4. Identification I 
  5. Identification II 
  6. Medico-legal Autopsy 
  7. Autopsy Room Hazards 
  8. Thanatology 
  9. Signs of Death 
  10. Asphyxia 
  11. Injuries 
  12. Firearm Injuries 
  13. Regional Injuries 
  14. Thermal Injuries 
  15. Transportation Injuries 
  16. Explosion Injuries and Fall from Height 
  17. Medico-legal Aspects of Injuries 
  18. Decompression, Radiation and Altitude Sickness
  19. Starvation Deaths
  20. Anesthetic Deaths
  21. Infanticide and Child Abuse
  22. Abortion
  23. Impotence and Sterility
  24. Virginity, Pregnancy and Delivery
  25. Sexual Offences I
  26. Sexual Offences II
  27. Sexual Offences III
  28. Postmortem Artifacts
  29. Forensic Psychiatry
  30. Bloodstain Analysis
  31. Seminal Stains and Other Biological Samples
  32. Dna Fingerprinting
  33. Torture and Custodial Deaths
  34. Medico-legal Aspects of Hiv
  35. Newer Techniques and Recent Advances
  36. General Toxicology
  37. Corrosive Poisons
  38. Inorganic Metallic Irritants—Arsenic
  39. Inorganic Metallic Irritants—Mercury
  40. Inorganic Metallic Irritants—Lead
  41. Inorganic Metallic Irritants—Copper 
  42. Inorganic Metallic Irritants—Thallium
  43. Other Inorganic Metallic Irritants
  44. Non-Metallic and Mechanical Irritants
  45. Organic Irritants—Plant
  46. Organic Irritants—Animal
  47. Somniferous Poisons (Narcotic Poisons)
  48. Inebriants—Alcohol
  49. Sedative-hypnotic—Barbiturates
  50. Deliriants—Dhatura/Datura
  51. Deliriants—Cannabis
  52. Deliriants—Cocaine
  53. Spinal and Peripheral Nerve Poisons
  54. Cardiac Poisons
  55. Hydrocyanic Acid
  56. Asphyxiants
  57. War Gases and Biological Weapons
  58. Agricultural Poisons
  59. Alphos (Aluminum Phosphide)
  60. Medicinal Poisons
  61. Drug Dependence and Date Rape Drugs
  62. Kerosene Oil Poisoning
  63. Food Poisoning 

Download Review of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology 3rd Edition PDF Free

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