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Download Bhatia’s Dentogist MCQs in Dentistry with Explanatory Answers- Clinical Sciences

Download Bhatia’s Dentogist MCQs in Dentistry with Explanatory Answers- Clinical Sciences

Today we will share Study Materials related to Dentistry. We will share here Bhatia’s Dentogist MCQs in Dentistry with Explanatory Answers- Clinical Sciences.

First we will share Few Points from the Book which are given bellow.

Dental Materials: 



  • Long working time
  • High tear resistance
  • Modest cost


  • Requires custom tray
  • Stretching leads to distortion
  • Stains clothes, has obnoxious odor –> Pour within 1 hr

Working time:

Begins with the start of mixing and ends just before the impression material has developed the elastic properties. It is measured at mouth temperature.

Setting time:

Can be described as the time elapsing from the begning of mixing until the curing has advanced sufficiently that the impression can be removed from the mouth with negligible distorortion.
– it is measured at room temperature.

Impression Materials: 

“ZOE impression paste and Plaster of Paris are called Mucostatic impression material, as they do not compress the tissues during seating of impression.”



A dental impression tray consisting of a sheet of thermoplastic material having a glass transition temperature’ between about 100° F (37.77° C).

So the answer is 37°C.

Now we will share the Links where you can find complete points subjectwise.

Download File

  • View complete Points of Dentogist Dental Materials:

Dental Materials

  • View complete Points of Dentogist Oral Histology:

Oral Histology

  • View Complete Points of Oral Surgery:

Oral Surgery

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