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We will share here the Links where you can Download Nuggets for NBDE Part 1.

These Dental Nuggets covers:

We will share few Points from Nuggets and Then will share Link to Download It bellow:

1) Circulatory System:

A: Stretch receptors in carotid sinus

  • Most important for short term BP reg
  • High BP activates the Carotid Sinus nerve
  • Activation of parasympathetic nervous system and inhibition of sympathetic to drop BP
  • Stimulation leads to decreased heart rate, decreased arterial blood pressure and decreased venous return
  • Increased pressure in the carotid sinus increases the discharge of efferent fibers that travel in the 9th CN
  • Then through local medullary circuitry, descending fibers are activated that inhibit sympathetic neurons associated with the heart
  • Respond to actual stretching, not chemicals

>>Largest share of systemic CO

> Highest blood flow per gram of tissue

> Large arteriovenous O2 difference
> Increased O2 demand is met by increased coronary blood flow, NOT by increased extraction of O2



  • Basically everything is from Ectomesenchyme except for Enamel, which is from Ectoderm
  • A quick review of Odontogenesis
    • Initiation
      • Induction – interaction between ectomesenchyme and epithelium
      • 6th week
      • Formation of dental lamina
    • Bud Stage
      • Proliferation – both dental lamina and underlying ectomesenchyme
      • 8th week
      • Dental lamina into 10 buds per arch
      • Shape of tooth is evident
      • Enamel organ starts to form
      • Tooth buds of the Maxilla appear 1st!

So these Notes will cover important Points of

  • Biochemistry and Physiology
  • Dental Anatomy and Occlusion
  • Microbiology and Pathology

We have uploaded these Files in Google Drive where you can Read and Download it.

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Download Dental Nuggets for NBDE Part 1 Pdf:

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