Introduction to Dental Materials 4th Edition PDF Free Download (Direct Link)

This textbook considers the properties and applications of dental materials and includes all the necessary basic science and clinical applications. Virtually all procedures in restorative dentistry make use of a dental material. Among these materials are metals, ceramics, polymers and composites, and their uses include filling of cavities and root canals and the making of impressions or replicas of teeth and tissues prior to the construction of crowns, bridges and dentures. All dental students need to acquire a working knowledge of both the properties and applications of the materials which they will use.

  • Written in an accessible friendly style which provides core information only – perfect for the busy dental student!
  • Rich with pull-out boxes, tables, line artworks and photographs
  • Describes the structure of materials with chapters on atomic bonding, metals, ceramics and polymers
  • Explores the use of clinical dental materials including resin bonding to enamel and dentine and impression materials
  • Describes the use of laboratory and related dental materials used in the construction of fixed and removable prostheses
  • Contains everything that students need for BDS and equivalent exams!
  • Includes new section on dental implant materials Completely new self-assessment section helps you get through the exam!
  • Now published in full colour throughout

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