Subjectwise Topics to cover for PLAB 1


1. Collapse
a) Subdural, extradural, intracerebral haemorrhage including subarachnoid
haemorrhage (SAH)
b) Hypertensive encephalopathy
c) Epilepsy
d) Addisonian crisis
e) Drug poisoning
f) Hypoglycaemia
g) Hyperglycaemia
h) Hypoxia
i) Hypothermia
j) Encephalopathy

2. Fever/Infection
a) Including pyrexia of unknown origin, septicaemia, meningitis and
neutropaenic sepsis
b) Bacterial viral meningitis
c) Pneumonia
d) Acute severe asthma
e) PE

3. Multiple Trauma
a) Including head injury and intra-abdominal injury

4. Shock
a) Paracetamol overdose
b) Salicylate overdose
c) Any cause including blood loss
d) Acute myocardial infarction (MI)
e) Intra abdominal blood loss
f) Massive pulmonary embolus
g) Burns


1. Bites and Stings
a) Including infestations
b) Insect
c) Fish
d) Scorpion
e) Snake
f) Dog/cat bites
g) Human bite
h) Scabies
i) Lice

2. Bullous
a) Pemphigus
b) Pemphigoid

3. Dermatological manifestations of systemic disease
a) Endocrine
b) Cancer
c) Connective tissue

4. Extreme of Temperature
a) Burns,
b) frostbite,
c) hyperthermia
d) hypothermia

5. Itchy ando r scaly rashes
a) Excess hair
b) Hair loss
c) Nail changes in systemic diseases
d) Psoriasis
e) Fungal infections of nails

6. Hair and nail
a) Including eczema,
b) dermatoses (psoriasis etc.)
c) reactions (drugs/food)

7. Infections
a) Including viral,
b) bacterial and
c) fungal infections

8. Lumps
a) Nodular lesions
b) Skin tumour
c) BCC
d) Ganglion

9. Moles and Pingmented lesios
a) Benign
b) Vitiligo
c) Malignant including melanoma

10. Ulcers
a) Arterial
b) Venous
c) Neuropathic
d) Malignant

1. Groin scrotal pain and or swelling
a) Torsion of testis
b) Hernias
c) Hydrocele
d) Tumour
e) Orchitis
f) Infection

2. Urinary tract obstruction
a) Calculus
b) Tumours (benign and malignant)
c) Strictures
d) Bladder neck obstruction
e) Enuresis

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