Released Question Bank for NDEB 2017 (Download PDF)

These Released Question Bank of NDEB 2017 are essential Part of NDEB Exam Preparation, as it gives you idea about type of questions, important topics, important Books, how to solve those questions, in short it can give you the key for your preparation of exams.

First we will share few questions here then we will share the link where you can read and download file in Pdf Format.

01: A patient experiences pain and some gingival
swelling in the anterior segment of the
mandible. The mandibular lateral incisor has a
shallow restoration, is tender to percussion and
gives a positive response to the electric pulp
tester. There is some mobility. The most likely
diagnosis is?
A. acute apical abscess.
B. acute serous pulpitis.
C. lateral periodontal abscess.
D. acute suppurative pulpitis.
E. chronic ulcerative pulpitis.

02: The placement of a retentive pin in the
proximal regions of posterior teeth would most
likely result in periodontal ligament perforation
in the?
A. mesial of a mandibular first premolar.
B. distal of a mandibular first premolar.
C. distal of a mandibular first molar.
D. mesial of a mandibular first molar.

03: The air-water spray used as a coolant in high
speed cutting of a cavity will
1. decrease pulp damage.
2. reduce frictional heat.
3. keep the operating site clean.
4. reduce clogging of cutting instruments.
A. (1) (2) (3)
B. (1) and (3)
C. (2) and (4)
D. (4) only
E. All of the above.

04: The proposed mechanism by which a calcium
hydroxide preparation initiates secondary
dentin formation in direct pulp cappings is by
A. releasing calcium ions.
B. stimulating differentiated ameloblasts to
lay down dentin.
C. stimulating fibroblasts to elaborate nuclei
of the first order.
D. stimulating undifferentiated cells of the
tissue to differentiate into odontoblasts.

So these were few questions from Released Question Bank for NDEB 2017. We will share the link to download complete Released Question Bank for NDEB 2017. But before sharing that link you may like to Read.


Released Question Bank for NDEB 2017 (Download PDF):



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