Recall Questions of NBDE Part 2, 2017 (Download Pdf) [70% Exam was from This File]

Past Papers are essential Part of Exam Preparation, as it gives you idea about type of questions, important topics, important Books, how to solve those questions, in short it can give you the key for your preparation of exams.

First we will share few questions here then we will share the link where you can read and download file in Pdf Format.

1.Which one appears on tooth first?
a. materia alba
b. Pellicle
c. bacterial biofilm

2. Montelukast for asthma. MOA? Leukotrine receptor antagonist (LTRAs) are preventer tablets, not steroids, for children under 5, by blocking leukotriens stop the inflammation and swelling.

3. which one in wax try in for complete denture?
a. Facebow record
b. Esthetic

4. Deepest part of occlusal rest for RPD
a. Central fossa
b. marginal ridge is the ans
c. Lingual wall
d. Facial wall

5. what is Hazard communication?
a) to protect office staffs from panoramic X-ray
b) to protect patients and staffs from chemical material is the ans
c) some other options

6. which one related to hazard communication ..?
a. EPA
b. OSHO ans

6. FDA is conducting a clinical trial about a new drug on animals and human. What is the phase 3 of this study?
a. to see if the drug is cancerous on animal or not
b. to find the effective dose of the drug group said b
c. to find the MOA of drug
d. …..–> there was another option which I think it was the correct answer but I don’t remember it.

So these were few questions from past papers. We will share the link to download complete papers. But before sharing that link you may like to Read.

True Recall Questions of NBDE Part 2, 2017 (Download Pdf):

We have uploaded this file in Google Drive where you can read and download.

Download File

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