How to get seats in BHU and RHC?

How to get seats in BHU and RHC?

This question is asked from us so frequently that we decided to post about it separately.
The BHU and RHC comes directly under CEO (EDO) office control. They never advertise for seats in any news paper etc. A new doctor has to write an application to CEO for an adhoc seat in his district .Its no use if u mention the BHU or RHC or even THQ and DHQ. You can know about vacant seats of that district by bribing the CEO office clerical staff .

When enough applications will reach the CEO office , they will fix an interview date and they will inform the candidates on phones.

The CEO along with MS of DHQ and DC of that district will be the panel who will interview you and they will either ask u to tell from the list where u want to go or they will tell you where they are posting you. You may not have a say in where they are posting you.

They can post u anywhere within that district in any center from BHU to DHQ depending upon the availability of vacant seats.

There are few tips you should know.

1. Sifarish palys a very big role in these appointments.
2. The local panel recommend names and send these to secretariat .Final orders are dispatched from P&S secretariat lahore .But these are same names sent to them by CEO and panel.Secretariat cannot edit them.
3. Orders are posted on ministry of health website.You can print and give joining on that print.
4. Some people asked me if there is a way to get the certificate without actually working in BHU etc.Never do that.CIP knows that it can b done so they check frequently.This is very serious crime and u will loose more than ur MS/FCPS may cause u loose ur licence and punishment on forgery .Every gov employee permanent or adhoc is entered in system of Health ministry and issued personal numbers.They can know in seconds if its fake.
5. After interview it can take 1 to 2 months to get official orders from secretariat .You can ask the CEO office clerk by giving some little bribe whether ur name is send or not.If it is sent than wait patiently.
6. U will get the experience of ur palce of posting. Sending you on general duty in a BHU will not give u BHU experience if u r posted in THQ.
7. Adhoc is non transferable post.You have to interview again if u want to change center.
9. MNCH or other organizations that hire doctors to work in RHC or BHU will get the experience of that center and will b counted in CIP.
10. If a ppsc MO/WMO is posted in a BHU etc where an adhoc is already posted than adhoc has to leave the post and their adhoc will b canceled. But an adhoc cannot replace another adhoc.
11. In any kind of leave sanctioned by competent authority the post will remain occupied by the doctor on leave and they will get the experience of that leave period as well (except for EOL)


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